The new LEXION 8000 - 5000

True revolutions start in the heart.

Revolutions begin with a vision which is borne in the heart. Which prompts us to think about things in a new way. Which evolves into a mindset and so becomes a driving force for innovation. Like the new LEXION, which we have redesigned from the ground up to meet your needs: more intelligent and efficient than ever, it sets new standards for combine harvesters. A real revolution, in fact.

LEXION 8000-7000 threshing system

Strong heart, powerful performance: APS SYNFLOW HYBRID.

DLG Silver Medal 2019
High-performance separation
Smooth acceleration of the crop flow to as much as 20 m/s for maximum separation performance
Straight and fuel-saving crop flow
No unnecessary changes of speed or direction, centrifugal forces are maintained for gentle straw handling
755 mm
Threshing drum size increased by 26% for optimal crop flow
Pivoting concave bar
Can be engaged hydraulically via CEBIS from the cab: you can respond quickly to changes in crop type and changing conditions
Crop type can be changed simply by replacing the preconcave segments and the threshing concave segments – keeps changeover times to a minimum
Hydraulic threshing concave flap
Can be engaged hydraulically from the cab or manually from outside
600 mm
Feeder drum enlarged by 37% for optimal crop flow
10% more throughput
Throughput increased by new rotor concaves and extended 4D-cleaning system: 10% more throughput with low fuel consumption and high straw quality
LEXION 6000-5000 threshing system

One step ahead: APS SYNFLOW WALKER.

DLG Silver Medal 2019
755 mm
Threshing drum enlarged by 26% for optimal crop flow
High-performance separation
Smooth acceleration of crop flow to as much as 20 m/s across all concave areas
600 mm
Greater throughput thanks to large, additional separator drum with active separation
Smooth and even crop flow
Synchronised speed setting in all speed ranges
Pivoting concave bar
Can be controlled via CEBIS and is hydraulically engageable from the cab
Hydraulic threshing concave flap
Can be engaged from the cab or manually from outside: for a faster response to conditions in the field
Gentle on grains and straw
Parallel and synchronised adjustment of preconcave, separator concave and threshing concave
Automatic adjustment
CEMOS AUTO THRESHING performs all threshing unit adjustments

Tonnes per hour. The new LEXION 6900.

Facts, facts, facts.

Up to 0 m

tyres on the steering axle

0 %

of machines with DYNAMIC COOLING

Up to 0 m

working width

0 °

Pivot angle for the grain tank unloading tube

Up to 0 l

grain tank volume

Up to 0 hp

engine output

The new LEXION: intelligent power for every field.

We've taken progress to a new level with the new LEXION so that you can get the best possible yield from your land. Every day.


Performance makes success. And the LEXION a success factor.


Intelligence makes the difference. And the LEXION unique.


Stress-free working makes things easier. And it's a way of life with the LEXION.


Endurance is a must. And a point of honour for the LEXION.

We're not satisfied until you are.

That's why we make a point of being there for you.

Technical data

Top performance. At a glance.

LEXION 8800 8700 7700 7600
Threshing drum width (mm) 1700 1700 1420 1420
Rotor concaves 6 6 5 5
Grain tank volume (l) 15000/18000* 15000/18000 12500/13500 11000/12500
Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA Perkins 2206 D Perkins 2206 D Perkins 2206 D
Output (kW/hp) 480/653 420/571 385/524 339/461
LEXION 6800 6700
Threshing drum width (mm) 1700 1700
Straw walker 6 6
Grain tank volume (l) 125000/13500 11000/12500
Engine Perkins 2206 D Perkins 2206 D
Output (kW/hp) 339/461 308/419

Interested in even more new developments?

May we suggest a look at the LEXION brochure?

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