Built to break records. The new LEXION 6900.

Revolutions don't always happen from one day to the next. Sometimes they need time to mature. In 1995, the LEXION 480 with the APS HYBRID system set an initial record of 40 tonnes of grain per hour. And now the LEXION 6900 with the new APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing system has taken things to a new level by breaking the original record and doing so with an output even higher than expected. Typical LEXION, in fact.

Facts, facts, facts.

0 h

Threshing time

0 ha

Threshing area

0 t

Crop yield

0 t/h


0 - 0 %

Loss rate

0 - 0 %

Grain moisture

And of course we have the pictures to prove it.

We're not satisfied until you are.

That's why we make a point of being there for you.

The new LEXION: a revolution that shapes the future.

Efficiency is only one of the many qualities which define our most advanced combine harvester. As you will see, the LEXION is in a class of its own – in every respect.


Performance makes success. And the LEXION a success factor.


Intelligence makes the difference. And the LEXION unique.


Stress-free working makes things easier. And it's a way of life with the LEXION.


Endurance is a must. And a point of honour for the LEXION.

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