Precision makes the difference. And the LEXION unique.

For a combine harvester to be revolutionary, it has to be a combination of strength and smartness. And that's just what the new LEXION is. It supports you with intelligent innovations so that you can work with maximum precision. It is also perfectly at home with Farming 4.0. Because it is able to think for itself and think ahead. Leaving you to reap the benefits.

The new LEXION: a revolution that shapes the future.

Precision is only one of the many qualities which define our most advanced combine harvester. As you will see, the LEXION is in a class of its own – in every respect.


Performance makes success. And the LEXION a success factor.


Stress-free working makes things easier. And it's a way of life with the LEXION.


Endurance is a must. And a point of honour for the LEXION.

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